Okázalá abstrakce / Ostentatious Abstraction / 2016

Okázalá abstrakce / Ostentatious Abstraction IMG_1791 IMG_1777video documentation of a performance, site-specific installation and live action


The choreography is based on the process of creation of so-called Chladni figures – a physical phenomenon discovered in late baroque. The performance was initially staged in the ballroom of the Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace, a baroque palace in the center of Prague. A group of performers built individual layers of an object made of metal stands, upon which the Chladni figures were manifested. The plates placed on top of the stands are put into vibration by drawing violin bows along the plates’ edges in a kind of orchestral mode, whereby fine flower dust spread on the plates forms regular figures that emerge and change depending on the plate’s size and shape, and the vibrations’ frequency. Through this orchestrated ritual, the resulting piece investigates the creation and transformation of abstract, yet charged signs. A video documentation of the original performance is shown in CCC together with a site-specific recreation of the installation and live action, featuring several references to local materials and contexts.

     IMG_1690IMG_1692IMG_1712IMG_1720IMG_1620IMG_1604Okázala abstrakceOkázalá abstrakce / Ostentatious Abstraction  IMG_1628 IMG_1626IMG_1729IMG_1737