2018 Asolo Art Film Festival Launches / Italy



2018 Asolo Art Film Festival Launches

Taiwanese Curator Yunnia Yang Presents Video Project

 “The In-Between State of Mind”

    Each audience has his/her own understanding about the visual features and meanings of films. Art films are out of the ordinary frames to bring broader visions interpreting the meanings of life. From June 6 till June 10 of 2018 , 36th Asolo Art Film Festival (AAFF) sets the theme on (In)Appropriate Glances to emphasize that one of the creative features of art films is to include differences. The Other is not otherness for art film directors anymore . We should treat difference with empathy and appreciate such colorful multi-cultural coexistence.  Famed as the oldest art film festival in the world, Asolo Art Film Festival was founded in Asolo in 1973 by Flavia Paulon, the founding member of Venice Film Festival. Since then, AAFF has accumulated very rich collection of original art films, including the award-winning films in the following category: art film, film on artist’s biography, film on architecture, design and territory, video art, animated film, music video, film school work, original soundtrack, etc. The 36th edition calls more than 300 entries for competition, and the jury committee selects 60 films among them as the finalists to be screened at AAFF.  Another spotlight on the collateral event “BRICS Art” is the focal theme on the curatorial projects from Brazil, Russia, India, China&Taiwan, and South Africa. AAFF invites Taiwanese curator Yunnia Yang to curate the video project “The In-Between State of Mind” for the Eastern Europe/Russia Video Research. Dr. Yunnia Yang has insight on the transition and evolution of the ex-Soviet countries in the political, social, economic, cultural, and artistic aspects after the collapse of the communist regime in 1989. “The In-Between State of Mind” includes 20 films from 12 countries: Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, and Albania. This curatorial project is dedicated to the artists, who experience the drastic change after the end of the communist regime and witness how people embrace new capitalist lifestyle, perceiving the alternative evolutions out of this binary system and responding to this postsocialist condition with visual lyricism, witty irony and creative imagination.   

   The 36th AAFF will start with the opening film “Caravaggio: the Soul and the Blood’’ and end with the award-giving ceremony with the presence of Alberto Barbara, the director of Venice Film Festival. The jury members are powerful in films, including the jury president Carlo Montanaro ( director of Venice Fine Art Academy), Philippe Alain Michaudfilm art curator of Centre Pompidou in Paris, and Natasha Noussinova (Professor of Moscow Film University” VGIK”). In addition, the important prize of Elenora Duse goes to the world-famous Italian actress Piera degli Esposti with her own presence to AAFF. AAFF believes in the education of film new talents and the expansion of multiple film visions, organizing the events ‘’School& Atelier’’, roundtable on art documentaries, and video theme “Russian Film Festival’’ , “New Vision” , “Panorama” , “Sex and the Cinema”, “Female Regard”, “Shirley Clarke”, and special screening of Adrian Maben ‘s “Helmut Newton: Frames from the Edge”. Moreover, there are plenty excellent performances, such as VJ live performance, projection at square, orchestra concert, street art and so on, attracting the art-film-loving audience from all over around Italy to Asolo. 


Prezent video:

18. Support Points IV/ Jan Pfeiffer(Czech Republic)/2016/ 3’18’’

“Support Points IV” consist from two parts, in the introduction is main character women in the white, which taking care, protect small boy. In the second part is acting man in black, lines and symbols appear around him as advance of will and future acts. Video is part of the project made by Pfeiffer call “ Support Points”.

Jan Pfeiffer

Lives and works in Prague. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (2006–2011), Prague College School of Art & Design (2002–2005) and the Cooper Union in New York (2011). He is represented by Drdova Gallery. He has taken part in numerous exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad. Prizes include the Essl Art Award CEE (2009), and the 8Henkel Award (2011). Pfeifer employs photography, video, drawing and animation as documentary tools, which he subsequently transforms in the concepts of his exhibitions and forms of presentation. He tends to target the topos of the location and its perception. The majority of Pfeiffer’s works are based on an analysis of everyday situations and how we experience them; they frequently refer to a specific location, to movement and its trajectory and to a search for one’s own place in the structures of reality.