Enacting Stillness / Gallery MeetFactory / Opening: June 11

Ztvárnění klidu

Curator: Sara Reisman
Opening: June 11, 7:30 pm
Exhibition duration: June 11 – August 28
Artists: Rehan Ansari, Nicolas Dumit Estevez, Brendan Fernandes, Yoko Inoue, Claudia Joskowicz, Kirsten Justesen, Clifford Owens, Jan Pfeiffer, Emily Roysdon, and Roman Stetina

Enacting Stillness includes a group of visual and performance artists who are engaged with stillness, stoppage, and slowing down in the context of performance. Artists in the exhibition employ gestures that involve turning away, inward, and upward, upending our expectations for the continuity of dance and theatrical compositions and lines of movement and thought. Enacting Stillness considers the political and emotional potential that these unexpected ruptures might mean to both the artist and the viewer.


Jan Pfeiifer stage design Meet factory   IMG_1336  IMG_1326