„Punkty wsparcia” / „Support Points” 29.11.2014 – 31.01.2015 / Galerie Kronika / Bytom / Poland




  • curator: Stanisław Ruksza
  • opening 29th Nov 2014 (Sat) 7 p.m. + Lautbild live


The „Support Points“ project considers the topic of a long term maintenance of ideas, visions and their translation into a visual language of shapes (forms) and signs, it also asks how to know when certain philosophic direction is still vital, up-to-date and beneficial, and when it is just a repetitious effort to keep it alive.

And when, on the contrary, an already confirmed value can be used with new energy and contemporary drive. During his residential stay as part of the Metropoli Project in Upper Silesia Jan Pfeiffer investigated several sources, dealing with the topic of adopting the meanings of symbols, exploring the moment we “grab” a symbol and make it our own. His other topic has been idea maintenance in a sports organization where he was interested in the creation of its own mythology and aesthetics, costumes and flags.