OUT OF SIGHT / Scotty Enterprises / Berlin / 9.11.2012 – 1.12.2012


The history of Berlin and Prague is one of upheavals and transformations in politics, society and culture. Looking back on earlier visits, artists from Scotty Enterprises travelled to Prague and developed photographic works, while artists from Prague were invited to realise a photographic project in Berlin. What do Prague and Berlin look like today in their own and each other’s eyes, and what did they look like in the past? What signs, what readable traces have the changes left behind and what new things have come into being? What do we focus on when we look at either city? The works of the artists from Prague and Berlin were created in a dialogue on life-worlds, on the interweaving of the private sphere with political change and on opportunities for artistic action. The works appear in a first joint exhibition at Scotty Enterprises during the Month of